Rustenburg South Africa - Come enjoy the natural beauty

Established in the year 1851 by the Boers who took their time trekking into South Africa, the town Rustenburg is thought to be one of the oldest founded places not just in the continent but throughout the rest of the world. You can reach this nostalgic city some 165 kilometers away from Johannesburg. rustenburg hotels could be easily accessed as major highways pass through it. Rustenburg city is nestled in the midst of the picturesque Magaliesberg Mountain ranges. This city enjoys a pleasant warm climate all through the summer season while the winters are mildly cool. Many hundreds of holiday-makers visit this town every year. More rustenburg Info became the popular tourists destination of many football fans in the year 2010 when the World Cup Football Match was hosted by South Africa.

A holiday in Rustenburg guarantees a truly memorable experience. The local people are warm and friendly and they are ever willing to welcome vacationers. Know more about rustenburg hotels offers you some of the most striking scenic spots and landscapes. There are plenty of sight-seeing attractions and entertainment activities to keep you occupied. The main town area is the place where you would find some of the most beautiful historic churches and art galleries. Beautiful paintings, art pieces and carvings are displayed here. Rustenburg city also features a dam which presents some of the most striking natural landscapes of this area. Tourists can also enjoy some adventure water sport activities here. Rustenburg is also famous for its nature reserve. Read on to find about more about the places of interest and sight-seeing spots of Rustenburg.

There is also a good amount of Rustenburg Accommodation from which to choose for your holiday vacation or business trip. From Hotels, Guest Houses and also Self Catering stays.

The famous Nature Reserve of Rustenburg

A trip to the Rustenburg Nature Reserve can't be missed out. This provides you an opportunity to learn more about the South African Wildlife. You will be undoubtedly amazed to see the rich South African wildlife. This nature reserve houses over 800 antelopes, zebras and various other South African safari animals. Rustenburg offers a perfect climate for the breeding of sable antelopes. The Nature Reserve is famous for this. On the other hand, you can even find small numbers of predators in the reserve, including caracals, black-backed aardwolves, jackals and also leopards. Besides these, vultures are a normal sight at the reserve apart from over 320 species of other birds. Day tours are offered here. You could spend an entire day at this nature reserve and have a pleasurable time with you family. You could enjoy the beauty of Wildlife at its closest. This tour also reminds you that some of these wonderful animals are on the brink of becoming extinct. It is an opportunity for you to understand that we humans have to extend our help to save these wonderful creatures

Magaliesberg Canopy Tour

A local eco-adventure company offers you a canopy tour around the attractive mountain ranges of Magaliesberg. If you wish to enjoy the panoramic view of the greater part of Rustenburg town and its surrounding areas, this is the right opportunity. This two and a half hour canopy tour takes you down to the YsterhoutKloof. This is situated on the antediluvianMagaliesberg Mountains. There are about eleven platforms built against the cliffs all around the Kloof. Steel cables are supplied for you to slide down until you reach all the platforms.

A holiday in Rustenburg isn't just about enjoying scenic beauty. This city offers much more than that. There are exciting entertainment activities for the tourists to enjoy. If you are planning to visit South Africa on your next holiday vacation, you must definitely consider a Rustenburg holiday.


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